"I’ve been making things for most of my life.
I sometimes see the things I make as stories, or as moments in time. They are my reflections of divine chuckles or the frustrated stutter. Mystery has always been a source for my work, from the long shadows of film noir to the burning giraffes of surrealism…my heroes range from Dorthea Tanning, Gregory Gillespie to Chucho Valdez, my influences are everything I’ve lived and most of what I don’t know. Making an object, with the intent of making art, usually gives me the sense of seeing other meanings. Sometimes this can only be a dialogue with an already understood idea and myself. I use my life experience, as a lens to focus my vision on areas I feel should be looked at, and pose questions I feel should be considered. I do not think art can change society. I think art can sensitize. My working method is fairly simple: Gathering, Arranging, and Execution."

Eduardo Smissen, 2008



Studied at a number of American and European art institutions,

L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris
L’Academie des Beaux Arts, Brussels
Art Center School, Los Angeles

Selected Exhibits

2015 — Mendocino College Gallery, Ukiah CA
2008 — Voodoo Pink Gallery, Mendocino CA
2006 — Nancy Garner Gallery CA
2006 — SK Gallery, Gualala CA
2005 — Pangea, Point Arena CA
2004 — Red Rooster, Mendocino CA
2003 — Boonville Hotel, Boonville CA
2002 — North Coast Artists Gallery, Ft. Bragg CA
2002 — Pangaea, Pt. Arena CA
2001 — Pangaea, Pt. Arena CA
2001 — Studio2, Mendocino CA
2000 — The Los Gatos Museum of Art, Los Gatos CA
1999 — Pangaea, Pt. Arena CA
1999 — Sharffenberger Cellers Gallery, Boonville CA
1998 — Pangaea, Pt. Arena CA
1998 — Boonville Hotel, Boonville CA
1998 — Mendocino College Art Gallery, Ukiah CA
1997 — Pangaea, Pt. Arena CA1996 — Pangaea , Pt. Arena CA
1995 — Pangaea, Pt. Arena CA1994 — Pangaea , Pt. Arena CA
1991 — Tangents Gallery, Ft.Bragg CA
1991 — Whats Afoot Gallery, Casper CA
1988 — Wildwood Gallery , Ft. Bragg CA
1986 — Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino CA
1985 — Vulcan Café , Oakland CA
1984 — Manifred Kluckert Art Gallery, Stauffen Germany
1983-1984 — Galeria Culip, Cadaques Spain, Parr Gallery Cadaques Spain
1981 — Silver Spoon, Duvall WA
1980 — Rosco Louie, Seattle WA
1975-1978 — Manos Gallery, Duvall WA
1974 — Curated exhibit Pelican Bay Art Coop, Seattle WA
1974 — Pelican Bay Art Coop, Seattle WA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009 — Sister City Show, Miasa Japan
2008 — Stuart Kummer Gallery, Gualala CA
2006 — Partners Gallery, Ft Bragg CA
2004 — North Coast Artists, Little River CA
1991 — Tangents Gallery, Ft. Bragg CA
1991 — Open Studios, Oakland CA
1988–1990 — North Coast Artists Gallery, Ft. Bragg CA